The International Institute for Homeland Security, Defense and Restoration is a public/private not-for-profit 501c (3) organization with the mission of Partnering with the World for Security, Peace and Economic Development.”   This International Institute, established as an outgrowth of discussions among international leaders in industry, government and academia, provides the international forum for the exchange of strategic counter terrorism best practices. Designed with the purpose for ensuring coalition and interagency interoperability on all levels, focus areas of collaboration are in the following areas: anti- and counter-terrorism, consequence management and intelligence.

Efforts are underway to establish coalition offices around the world.   With the primary goal of improving the ability for public and private stakeholders to work together across international boundaries to prevent, deter, and mitigate global terrorism and provide an international ability to respond, the International Institute provides a missing coordination element to facing global terrorism challenges.   By providing strategic analysis on counter-terrorism initiatives, the International Institute collects and disseminates proven solutions and thus provides improved services to citizens and stakeholders in the areas of homeland and national security.   The International Institute is poised to play a critical role in the worldwide adoption of customs standards designed to institutionalize uniform processes, technologies and data exchanges across the spectrum of the global supply chain.   To accomplish this overarching goal, the International Institute focuses on the following key areas:

∙ International Policy, Standards and Information Sharing: To provide a forum for development of international standards in compliance with multi-national legislative mandates and enable secure distribution of multiple levels of information among international and domestic stakeholders;

∙ International TRAM: To safeguard supply chain security and ensure safe commerce in passenger, baggage, cargo/container and port/terminal perimeter security for Trucking, Rail, Aviation, Maritime (TRAM) industries.

∙ International Technology Repository: To establish an international homeland security technology consortium that focuses on national security, defense and civil affairs which leverages existing centers of excellence and provides a central repository for R&D efforts (Pro-tech Repository) from around the world.  The International Institute serves as a central clearing house and certification agent for homeland protection technologies and research initiatives.

∙ Technology Transfer: To provide information sharing of government and industry proven technology solutions and to provide independent verification and validation   (I, V&V) of specific technologies to certify compliance. The result in an international research center for secure classified and unclassified technology transfer initiatives with specific emphasis on technology identification, assessment, and deployment strategies to ensure operational requirements are met.

∙ Training: To coordinate efforts among international defense, law enforcement, emergency preparedness/response, and intelligence communities.  The International Homeland Security Training (I- HOST) Academy establishes homeland security course curriculum, based on unique international approaches and on existing best practices from Centers of Excellence.

Initial seed funding is appropriated from US Congress. Future funding from international partners, public and private sector communities is anticipated to carry this vital mission forward.

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