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Veola Green 

Founder and Executive Managing Partner

Veola Green creates bridges between people, governments and organizations to serve the causes of child welfare and international women’s development. She brings dynamic energy and a background that includes fieldwork, policy reform, and program management to address issues at a systemic level.


Veola is the Executive Managing Partner and Principal at The International Institute of Family Development, which is driven by the premise that entire communities are lifted up when women are given tools for economic stability. As the Managing Partner, she has brought together a diverse team that is collaborating with the governments and private sector to increase enterprise generation across the diaspora of Africa to ensure women of African descent have access to economic opportunity for the future success of their children.

Veola has a BS in Human Services and a Master’s in Mental Health Counseling from Springfield College, and a certificate in Executive Leadership from Simmons University School of Management.


Ebou Nget

Managing Partner and Director of Operations

Ebou Nget, the Managing Partner of The International Institute- Gambia and the CEO of Fresh Foods, LLC, which comprises an online produce market and a delivery service. Also, he is the principal partner of the executive leadership team that comprises Fresh Food Bakery & Cafe and FreshEnergy.

Mr. Nget, is currently employed in the Office of the President of The Gambia.


 Ebou was recently Senior Economist with the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs for The Liberia focusing on public-private partnerships in oil, gas and other transactions. Additionally, Mr. Nget, professional experience includes an executive leadership position, as Chief Operating Officer, at Eco Bank where his expertise in agriculture business and technology proved to be a vital complement to raising funds to operationalize products.

From his outstanding success in his ability to manage and perform as an administrator, Mr. Nget services were utilized at The Islamic Development Bank, Ecobank Gambia Ltd, Guaranty Trust Bank, and Reliance Financial Services, for the combination of years of 10 years executive-level banking experience. Ebou holds a MA in Economic Policy Management from the University of Ghana, Legon, Ghana, and a Project Management Professional (PMP)

Ebou is fluent in several West African languages including Mandinka and  Wolof as well as  has working proficiency in French 


Kissongo dos Santos

East Africa Business Liaison

Kissongo dos Santos serves as the Representative  commissioned by the Gold Partner Group from Germany, to obtain offers to purchase of gold in Angola and other African countries

Additionally, Kissongo  is the Chief Executive Officer of Mitochondrial Business , Legal, and I.T Solutions a commodities trading company based in Angola that has strong global linkages across the continent of Africa and Asia and Europe.​

Kissongo has a BSIS in Information Systems and BBA in Business Administration, from Mercer University in Atlanta, a MBA in Business Administration from American Intercontinental University in Atlanta, Georgia and a Post- Graduate Degree in Public Accounting, from the University Agostinho Neto in Angola.

Kissongo is a fluent in Portuguese, Spanish  English and local Angolan dialects


Juliana  photo.jpg

Juliana Bardaro Langille

 Import and Export Liaison - South America and China 

Juliana shares with the The International Institute, 20 years of experience in Non-profit management 

 Ms. Langille' was a consultant for the international program  where she provided training and technical Assistance to communities in Brazil, Cape Verde and Uganda  which was  funded by the United States Department of State.

Presently Juliana is the President and CEO of Alliance,  a private business focused on connecting state owned governments,  corporations and private business to factories and producers across the world.

Juliana has a proven ability to utilize her  extensive global network  to achieve long term cross sector  partnership. as evidenced by her stellar fluency in French, Italian Portuguese, Spanish and

Cape Verdean Creole


Phillip Totaye

Coordinator  of Global Partnerships

Phillip is the founder and manager of RHS Liberia Inc, a youth organization, which serves as an implementation partner in Liberia to The International Institute


Phillip is a highly motivated and goal-oriented humanitarian  with more than ten years of successful experience, developing and managing community grant programs.


Phillip has a proven history in helping  organizations streamline processes, improve efficiencies, supervise and support projects implementation and has demonstrated  skill in logistic and operation management procedures.


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