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International Institute


Family Development 

Who We Are

The International Institute works to help realize the

National Development Plans of African countries for the benefit of  women, in the continent and  the Diaspora,  to have a brighter future.


We focus on strengthening governments, building stronger private sector partnerships and ensuring women of African descent have access to opportunity, because they and their children need all three to succeed.


The International Institute is, a transaction advisory, project facilitation and enterprise generating firm, helping to shape Africa's rise on the global stage, through business development, for the benefit of women in Africa and  women of African heritage.

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What We Do

We partner with African  nations  to help improve  industry  development through Diaspora business engagement 

We provide strategic consulting and build  innovative practices

to align enterprise generation with social good efforts.

The International Institute provides  private sector-led business solutions that alleviate poverty and develop local economies to  build robust drivers within the following sectors:  

  • Agriculture 
  • Energy and Infrastructure Development 
    • Education  & Health 

    • Community Resilience Development

    • Transportation and Security


The International Institute helps

Black owned and Diaspora led businesses  achieve a

footprint in Africa to build sustainable enterprises 


  • Access to Commodities Exchange Network  

  •  Introductions To Key Interlocutors 

  • Strategic Capacity Building

  • Project Facilitation and Implementation Coordination

  • Opportunity Identification and Vetting 

  • Regulatory Navigation

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Our Mission and Vision

The mission of The International Institute is to provide    sustainable  global enterprise development partnerships to  increase  African societal infrastructure 

Helping Business to Do Good Work

Looking to  scale up your business or broaden your social impact   in Africa,  but not sure where to turn?   

Need help importing/exporting ,  planning or executing

or finding a market for your next project?
Let us guide you.
Any organization can move forward with small incremental changes, but building for the future in today’s rapidly evolving global  environment means taking bold chances and making insightful decisions.

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Global Network

 The International Institute of Family Development, Inc

(The International Institute) central  office is located in

Maryland, United States and  is registered  in

The Republic of Gambia  and operates

globally with satellite offices   

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