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The International Institute of Family Development Inc,  in collaboration with our partner Ambassador Ifeoma Mary Ejiogu, of Nigeria, representing the FYJIO GROUP  conducted a statewide educational youth-led summit focusing on including art into the educational system of Nigeria.  

The event was held in Abuja, Nigeria. Over 1000 school students participated in coordinated events that included: art demonstrations and technology design competitions. The event concluded with educational prizes of laptops and other educational school supplies, including redesigned school classrooms. 

FYJIO Group is a coalition of associations, joined to devise and invigorate economic forces and empower the social lives of citizens of the continent of Africa and comprising the United States Latin American Chamber of Commerce along with   Grassroots Humanitarian and Empowerment Foundation (GHEF).


April 11, 2020

In Liberia: providing public health covid19 education, PPE supplies, and food to rural villages. Supplies are manufactured and produced in Africa - in line with our campaign goal of bringing 1 million #jobs to Africa by 2030.

Purchase bulk order supplies from The International Institute and a percentage of the proceeds go to support Africa’s fight for healthy communities.

The International Institute of Family Development Inc,  in collaboration with our amazing partner Ambassador Ifeoma Mary Ejiou, representing the United Stated Latin American Chamber of Commerce hosted a successful high-level dinner to unveil a 10-year developmental plan from 2020-2030.  To secure the socio-economic welfare of women and youths through the development of national programs to increase economic development and provide jobs.

The program  MEEGA - Movement for Economic Empowerment and Growths in Africa is designed to build a strong financial capacity (Trust Fund) to empower the Nigeria government to realize its  National Development plan through an integrated platform of  Agri Tech  Education to increase infrastructural enhancement that yields a workforce with a high-quality standard to ensure financial security and successful productivity. 

Building the Africa We Want 

Ambassadors Brunch

March 2020

Nigerian Consulate NYC


A live networking videocast for Black folks globally to strengthen economic unity and expand social capital

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